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It's fall! Temperatures remain comfortable but will soon be dropping all over the Greater Los Angeles County, so it's best to hit the beaches and rock your summer wear while you can.

LA EVENTS - Frosh Week at UCLA and USC is underway with plenty of activities to welcome the new students. For those interested, Pledge Week is also happening, so get ready to rush! LA Galaxy is getting geared up for a few home games before the end of the regular season. Here's hoping they bring LA yet another major league sports championship. Meanwhile the cast of Trickster's Queen, hot off the success of Trickster's Choice, are doing their script read through and training for low level stunts before the start of filming.

PASADENA EVENTS - It's Frosh Week at Cal Tech and there are plenty of activities going on to welcome the new students. The notorious hack groups are also recruiting so if you love practical jokes, seek them out, prove yourself and get ready for some epic times. The California Ballet Company is casting and rehearsing for The Nutcracker which will be performed between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's sure to be a beautiful performance and worth all the hard work.

ELSEWHERE - Did you hear about the murdered scientist in San Francisco? Local police are completely baffled and the trail that leads to the killer is stone cold.

SEPT - OCT 2018
Bolton 3 is the sister of Mira and Cal Bolton. Unlike her siblings she attends Cal Tech instead of USC. At 18, she is a freshman and has not yet declared her major, much to the vexation of her older sister. Playby is your choice!
Silver is 31 and an LAPD detective. He is in a relationship with Forensic Tech Teresa Charlottes. The two are trying to balance their relationship and the possibility that their relationship might be considered problematic by HR. Playby is your choice.
Jorden is a girl who loves to party and have fun. At 18 she is a bit intellectually lazy and is the roommate of Gamma/Elaine Guant, constantly bringing her along to whatever weekend party she has scored an invite to. Playby is yours to choose.
6 AUG - So despite being open well over a month, I still have 50% of the characters. Since it wouldn't be fair to have so many in the running for the spotlight, I have decided to use this month's spotlight for featured ads. Moving forward we can have actual OTMs if people want or continue every month to feature specific want ads for people. If you have suggestions for characters, threads or ships you would like to see featured or a want ad you would really like showcased, please message me or Maddie. <3
20 JULY - New skin and new mod! We've been having issues with the cbox not showing up so hopefully this works out better. Just keep in mind you'll have to open the toggle on each new page to keep chatting. A big thank you to Maddie who has volunteered her time to join the staff team as our Housekeeping Mod. <3
10 JULY - We have a promo tumblr now! It will contain links to site information, want ads and character suggestions for those looking to get involved with already active characters. Check it out here!
21 JUNE - We are open! All characters welcome. Check out our canon lists and make a reserve today! Project Helix is also seeking staff!
The skin is by Vanessa of ATF and Shine. The pop out cbox code was created by Kismet of RPG-D, the mini profile is by miss texas of shine and the app is by Ames of Shine. When registering please do so with a character's first and last name in all caps (ANDREW SHARPE) unless you pick an Olympus clone. For them register with their designation in all caps. (OMICRON). Thanks!

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